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10.9.2018. - 2.12.2018.

The first international course for emerging curators to take place in Belgrade, Serbia, will be held from September to December 2018, and will draw upon the unique local and regional context as a critical source of knowledge.

Over the course of the three month-long program, international cultural producers will conduct specific workshops related to different aspects of curating, offering participants the opportunity to individually and collectively consider the different institutional aspects that often frame curatorial endeavors. For the culmination of the course, participants will propose a collective exhibition and will also be tasked with working on the accompanying publication.

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Neva Lukić has completed her master's degree in art history and archaeology from the University of Zagreb, and in theory of modern and contemporary art at Leiden University. She has professional experience in museum curatorship (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka), as a freelance curator (Croatian Association of Artists - Zagreb, Arti et Amicitiae - Amsterdam, See Lab - The Hague, etc.) and as an art critic (active member of Croatian section of AICA - the International Association of Art Critics). In addition to the above, she is active as a writer too. She has published four books (poetry & short stories) and one picture book for children. She has participated in various poetry readings/literary festivals (Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje, Ljubljana), and also in film festivals (Cannes, Seoul, Utrecht, etc.). She collaborates with the artists from other art fields with the aim to create interdisciplinary artworks like short film, literary performance, etc.
Neva Lukić has been interested in the phenomenon of the cross-border interactions and identities and intercultural exchanges (collaborations with individuals and institutions from different European regions and countries). She practices the interdisciplinary approach towards arts and exhibition making and tends to connect her curatorial practice with the writing one. One could say that lately the focus has been on  „the space“, „the narrative“, „the identity“ and „the language“, wriggling throughout both practices.
Lukić lives in Croatia and the Netherlands.



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